Project Description

Pigment ink is ink that stays firmly on a paper and will not, generally speaking, be removed by water or friction. Pigment inks usually contain other agents than those in standard dye inks, and these agents ensure adhesion to the paper. Typically, pigmented inks contain larger particles than other inks; these particles are absorbed by the surfaces they are applied to and are difficult to remove after this point. While water tends to smear simple dye inks, pigment inks, once dry, usually run very little, even when immersed in water. Pigment inks can be used for nearly any purpose that dye inks can be used for, and can even be used as the ink source for printers.

While the dye in dye-based inks tends to dissolve completely in water, pigment ink usually does not dissolve completely. Because of this, dye-based inks tend to offer a much smoother writing and printing experience. They can also be made to show much brighter, fuller colors. If, however, dye-based inks are exposed to water in even small quantities, the ink will smear over the paper and render the writing or image damaged or unreadable. The larger, undissolved particles of pigment inks, however, are absorbed into the fibers of the paper and tend to be much more difficult to ruin without physically destroying the paper.

The formula uses extremely fine pigment particles. The colors have been matched close to original ones, you can get a precision of color reproduction without the help of an ICC profile and Color Management Modules.

  Product  features  

  1. Smooth printing with nozzle clogging -free,setting free,and bending -free .
  2. You can also obtain a good printout without cleaning after the printer has not been working for more than 7days
  3. Guarantee maximum color gamut and photo-realistic printout
  4. This product will have a right and moderate drying rate
  5. Imported raw material are beneficial the nozzle longevity and with good light fastness
  6. 6.100% compatible with original ink
TypePremium pigment ink
ModelFor  EPSON, Roland, Mutoh, Mimaki ;It can suitable for all printers with Epson DX5/6/7 printerhead,and Epson printers with TFP printer head such as sure color SC T3080/ T5080/ T7080/ T3000 / T5000 / T7000
Print TypeDigital printing
Features1.We use a unique technology, high-glossiness film-forming macromolecule technology, to realizethe coloring of pigment molecules onto uncoated art paper, thereby broadening the application ofwater-based pigment ink.

2.Compared with other water-based pigment ink, this ink has more excellent fixation with media against abrasion.

3. The print-out is vivid and sharp. Besides, it will be long-lasting for its waterproofing and UV resistance.

4. We ensure fluent printing without nozzle clogging.

ApplicationsOffice Printing, Family Photo Printing

Office Printing, Family Photo Printing, Advertisement Printing

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