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Sublimation offset ink

Sublimation offset printing ink which is also called heat transfer ink is used for printing fabric. First, the ink is printed on transfer paper. Then it will be transfer to fabric from paper under 180-220 degree temperature. According to the printer type, there are three kinds of sublimation ink. One is offset sublimation ink, the other one is digital sublimation ink and Gravure sublimation ink. Here we introduce the offset sublimation ink.


1) Suitable for middle-speed or high-speed printing machine.

2) Bright color, stable quality on machine, clear dot reproduction and excellent ink-water balance.

3) The ink can be used on machine direclty.

*P.S. please make samples before the final printing to confirm the exactly image.

Sublimation Offset Ink For Printing InkSublimation Offset Ink For Printing InkSublimation Offset Ink For Printing InkSublimation Offset Ink For Printing InkSublimation Offset Ink For Printing Ink

 Technical Data

Name of Fabric

Transfer temperature



Polyester fabric

205 °C ~ 220 °C


10~30 seconds

Polyester deformation fabric low elastic

195 °C ~ 205 °C


30 seconds

Triacetate fabrics

190 °C ~ 200 °C


30~40 seconds

Nylon fabric

195 °C ~ 205 °C


30~40 seconds

Acrylic fabric

200 °C ~ 210 °C


30 seconds

Two acetate fiber fabric

185 °C


15~20 seconds

Polypropylene nitrile

190 °C ~ 220 °C


10~15 seconds

Packaging & Shipping

1kg/tin, 2kg/tin, 12kg/carton. carton inside, wooden outside.

Sublimation Offset Ink For Printing Ink

Application of our offset sublimation ink 

1) Suitable printer: Single-color printer, dual-color printer and four-color printer.

2) Suitable paper: Heat transfer paper 70g, 80g, 90g, 100g, 120g and so on.

3) Suitable fabric: Polyester fabric, Triacetate fabric, Nylon fabric, Acrylic fabric, Polypropylene nitrile.

Sublimation Offset Ink For Printing Ink

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