If you’re planning on kickstarting an apparel business on a low budget, printed t-shirt is a great choice. Printed t-shirts never go out of style and look good on everyone, regardless of their age. They can add style, versatility and personality to an individual’s everyday look.

Dye sublimation is a popular t-shirt printing technique. It’s an easy and economical way to print any content, including images, text or artwork on t-shirts. Additionally, you can print a variety of colors, such as light and dark, without worrying about the color bleeding.

This is because dye sublimation printing utilizes a heat-sensitive dye for printing images or graphics onto a special transfer paper. The transfer paper is then spread over the t-shirt and then both the items are placed inside a heat press. In order to get the print right, it’s important to use high temperature and pressure. This helps transfer the graphic over the garment accurately.

Coupled with the temperature and pressure, there are several other factors to consider when using dye sublimation for printing t-shirts:


First and foremost, use a high resolution image. If you’re using a small image, it may appear blurry or pixilated. Getting the pixels right is absolutely critical. Check the image resolution before finalizing the images.

Fiber content

The type of fabric used in the dye sublimation process can make a significant difference to the final product. Polyester is the best fabric for dye sublimation printing. Natural fabrics, such as cotton simply cannot withstand the heat in the process.

You can use either a 100% polyester fabric or a polyester blend fabric (at least 60%). Polyester works well because of its cellular construction. What cellular construction means is that the fabric’s cellular pores open due to heat and close as the fabric cools down.

Image and fabric color

Generally speaking, white t-shirts are the easiest to sublimate. When it comes to the color of an image, make sure it isn’t hazy. Edit the image before sublimating it. Use a color correction software to ensure correct image consistency and tone.

With dye sublimation, the printed image on a t-shirt will last long. Unlike other printing techniques, the sublimated image can survive normal wear and tear.  It will not peel off, crack or fade.

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