Dye sublimation ink is core ingredient of sublimation printing. The ink is made up of solid dye particles in water-based solution. During the dye sublimation printing process, the ink is transferred onto a paper.

Dye sublimation ink is one of the most widely used inks because of its results. A good quality dye sublimation ink produces accurate, effective and lasting printing colors, flow and performance. The ink can be applied to polyester and polyester coated substrates.

A key factor affecting the quality and life of the ink is the way you store it. It’s crucial to store the ink properly, in a safe space so that it lasts long.

Here are some practical ways you can store dye sublimation ink:

Keep an eye on expiration date

First off, pay attention to the expiration date of the ink. Similar to other printing ink, dye sublimation ink has an expiration date. Do not use an expired ink.

Apart from causing damage to a printer, an expired dye sublimation ink may be harmful to your health. The ink is made up of various ingredients, including pigments, dyes and more. Once it expires, replace it with a new ink. Avoid storing the expired sublimation ink in a freezer. A frozen ink will be of no use.

Protect it from sunlight

In order to extend the life of dye sublimation ink, keep it away from sunlight. Excessive sun exposure can contaminate it.

Use an air tight container to store it

An air right container is the safest way for storing dye sublimation ink. Avoid shaking or moving the container as it can cause air bubbles. Air bubbles can decrease the printing quality. Make sure the ink containers are stored in a flat position.

Use distilled water to clean ink cartridge

Tap water contains many germs and bacteria, which can harm dye sublimation ink. Use distilled water for washing the ink cartridge.  Once you have washed the cartridge, let it dry. Pour in dye sublimation ink into a dry cartridge. This will prevent the formation of air bubbles.

Finally, invest in good quality dye sublimation ink for great sublimation printing results. At InkJD, we provide eco-friendly dye sublimation ink at competitive pricing.

Manufactured from safe, hypoallergenic and non-hazardous raw materials, our dye sublimation ink ensures accurate printing. It’s less affected by electrostatic energy.

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