Dye Sublimation Ink

Sublimation Ink produce brilliant color and good light fastness when applied to polyester and polyester coated substrates. Applying heat to the printed image with a press, whether through transfer paper or directly, fixes these vivid inks into the polyester substrate allowing the item to be washed time and time again.


Textile Pigment Ink

A digital apparel printer’s performance depends heavily on the textile ink used. The quality of ink affects the ink flow, level of printer maintenance, color fidelity and vibrancy as well as print longevity. InkJD provides high quality textile pigment inks for directly printing on cotton fabric. The challenges of it solving was a way to run white ink without clogging and destroying it.


Premium Pigment Ink

Pigment ink is ink that stays firmly on a paper and will not, generally speaking, will not be removed by water or friction. Pigment inks usually contain other agents than those in standard dye inks, and these agents ensure adhesion to the paper. Pigment inks can be used for nearly any purpose that dye inks can be used for.

Demo product

Eco Solvent Ink(Dye)-Indoor printing,its application on metal, ceramic, leather, wood, glass, PVC,PC, KT boards and acrylic, etc.(all the material need pretreatment coating)

Eco Solvent Ink(Pigment)-Outdoor printing:suitable for pvc,car sticker,banner,canvas,backlit film and other advertisement printing area.

Demo product
Used on EPSON DX4/5/6/7 printhead like MIMAKI TX-1600\TX2-1600,KONICA 512 printhead.For cotton, chiffon. Process : Pre-treatment—-picture design—-printing output—-after treatment

Demo product
Used on MIMAKI TX-1600\TX2-1600,TEX-1300,JV4-130.For silk,wool,nylon,leather.etc. Process: Pre-treatment—-picture design—-printing output—-after treatment

Why Choose Us?

  • High performance inks for all your printing needs
    For transfer applications and direct-to-garment printing
  • Ideal for a wide range of applications
    From sportswear to soft signage,outdoor signage and textile applications
  • We accept both large and small orders,and appreciate the opportunity to
  • High density ink for increased ink yield and cost effective printing
  • Bright vibrant colors,outstanding color uniformity
  • Fast drying ink
  • Environmentally friendly, water based inkFree of HAPS,TAOs & VOCs
  • Meets industry standards,RoHS and Reach

JD Sublimation Paper

InkJD —Premium Quality Inks at Competitive Pricing!

From textiles to advertisement, there are many uses of printing, and for a top quality printing, you need quality ink! At InkJD, we provide you with digital textile printing ink, dye sublimation ink, and premium pigment ink. Whatever your printing needs, we’ve got a solution for you.

With our formula and material imported all the way from South Korea and Italy, you can be rest assured that you will be getting the highest standard of quality from InkJD.

As textile ink, pigment ink, and dye sublimation ink suppliers, we strive to ensure that our inks are specially formulated to ensure vibrant results and lasting ink power!

We are the Textile Ink Expert in China